Self-Paced Trainings

The Indiana Prevention Resource Center offers a variety of FREE self-paced learning modules. These interactive trainings include a certificate of completion along with 1 CEU per module. Course topics include:

Drug Overviews

Understanding a variety of substances is an important component to SBIRT. Each module covers historical impacts, social influences, physical and behavioral effects, health consequences, dependence concepts and shares national and state data. Topics available include:

Introduction to SBIRT in Primary Care

This module provides a comprehensive overview to the use of SBIRT in primary care settings. This educational module has been designed for professionals and students in many fields, including healthcare, mental health, justice/legal, education, substance abuse prevention, and public health. The purpose of this hour-long module is to provide a foundational introduction to SBIRT.

By the end of the module, participants will have completed the following objectives:

  • Describe the relationship between levels of alcohol and drug use and SBIRT
  • Identify the outcomes and efficacy of SBIRT
  • Define SBIRT and its role in healthcare
  • Examine screening tools used in the application of SBIRT
  • Recognize and explore best practices in the implementation of a brief intervention
  • Explore SBIRT training and implementation standards

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing is a one-hour self-paced training that is geared towards professionals in healthcare, behavioral healthcare, and allied healthcare settings. This introductory course is intended to be used as a primer to an applied Introduction to Motivational Interviewing training that would provide opportunities to practice the information introduced in this course.

Tobacco Dependence and Treatment for Smokers with Co-occurring Mental Illness

This training was developed to equip health professional students and practicing clinicians, across all disciplines, with evidence-based knowledge and skills to assist patients with co-occurring mental illness and/or substance use disorders to quit smoking.

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