Live Trainings

Our team offers live trainings in SBIRT and motivational interviewing. Our trainers are experienced in delivering interactive and engaging trainings that will cater to the needs of your organization. Below are several comments and feedback from past participants.

"Dynamic presentation with humor and stories- very engaging, well organized, very pertinent."

"Understanding of need for participants to learn differently (pipe cleaners, toys) helped me stay focused."

"This was one of the BEST workshops I've attended. The presenter was wonderful and clearly very knowledgeable."

"Super presentation- I even stayed awake after working night shift!"

"Overall ability to establish and sustain a dialogue with participants- 'walking the walk' of MI principles in the process of presenting/teaching"

"Dynamic and engaging speaker…and a good time was had by all!"

"Very engaging and lots of fun while being very informative and educational."

SBIRT Overview

Indiana SBIRT has developed a training curriculum for the essential core areas needed to successfully implement SBIRT. Your organization can choose from 4-hour or 8-hour trainings.

Topics discussed include:

  • The rationale behind SBIRT
  • Screening methods
  • Components to delivering effective brief interventions
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Referral strategies
  • Next steps toward implementation

Motivational Interviewing

Our team offers trainings in beginner, intermediate, and advanced level motivational interviewing. These trainings allow participants to practice using the skills learned while receiving specialized feedback from the trainer.

A variety of options are available for motivational interviewing trainings, including:

  • 8-hour introduction
  • 2-day introduction
  • 2-day advanced
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