Patients FAQ

Does SBIRT really work?
Yes! Research has found that SBIRT is a very effective method to reducing alcohol and drug use. Several studies found a reduction in alcohol and drug use as a result of a brief intervention.
How will SBIRT help to reduce my alcohol and/or drug use?
SBIRT works by identifying risky use through screening. During the brief intervention, you will have a conversation with your healthcare professional about your feelings towards reducing or eliminating use. If you decide that you would like to make a change, your healthcare professional will help you make a plan to make some changes.
I don't know if I have a problem. How will I know?
Discuss your concerns with your healthcare professional; (s)he will help you to come up with a plan to make changes that help you feel better and lower your risk. Your healthcare professional may also refer you to more specialized treatment.
I want to reduce, not quit, my drinking. Will SBIRT help me?
Yes! In SBIRT, you make the decision whether you would like to make a change or not. Talk with your healthcare professional about options to reduce use.
I need help: What do I do now?
If you think that you need help, you can visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) treatment finder. You can also contact us; we may be able to refer you to an SBIRT healthcare professional.
E-mail: sbirt@indiana.edu
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