Policy Steering committee and Sustainability

The primary goals of the Indiana SBIRT Policy Steering Committee are:

  • Establish infrastructure for training and adoption of SBIRT services in primary health care settings to improve patient health outcomes
  • Promote effective system changes needed to sustain SBIRT services after grant ends

A. Establishing infrastructure will be achieved by:

  1. increasing the number of FQHCs, CHCs and RHCs ready to provide SBIRT services
  2. increasing community and organizational readiness to adopt SBIRT services

B. Promotion of system changes will be achieved by:

  1. Providing training for primary care providers to deliver SBIRT services within approved cost parameters.
    1. Monitor costs through patient billing system and personnel activities
    2. Monitor outcomes through electronic health records and follow-up interviews
    3. Provide feedback at the clinic level to encourage system modifications
  2. Promote integration of primary care and behavioral health care
    1. Work with Eskenazi and Midtown to facilitate their plans to develop the “health home” model
    2. Work with the Indiana Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration Workgroup to promote integration at the state level.
  3. Make key stakeholders aware of the cost-benefits of SBIRT for patients, health care providers, insurance companies and tax payers.
    1. SBIRT information dissemination throughout Indiana through state agencies and the Indiana Primary Health Care Association and individual outreach to likely adopters
    2. Maintenance of Indiana SBIRT website as primary portal of social marketing and media
    3. IU-IPRC handles state SBIRT TA after grant ends
E-mail: sbirt@indiana.edu
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